6477243479 USA Unknown Phone Number State 647-724-3479, Unknown City, Unknown county


  • 2015-05-19 18:41:13
  • Jako

I have follow all faxes by was I get on my home fax machines from this company. For a year I ve removed my fax number repeatedly from its automated fax number hair removal system. In vain I have now when I receive faxes that I use their fax hair removal system only to an automatic voice that tell me that the number has already been removed Cleary doesn t have it because I am still receive faxes multiple complaints filed with Bell Canada. You have their best done but difficulties in finding which is this company. So here is what I suggest. Call Bell Canada (euro) TMs Executive care Solution Center at 866 317 3382 or email them at executive.office@bell.ca. I have also started to contact the company info on the faxes are sent who want to use this distribution fax service to explain that the faxes to residential faxes are sent and that this company is not remove our numbers from your system if requested and are sometimes e Mail at night which is in contravention of the CRTC rules and regulations. I also mention that bothered me at home there is no good way to advertise their services. I have asked that they distribute the fax service directly contact and request that my number be removed from the database. Bell Canada be calling this company in your name. In this case Bell Canada the introduction of national do not I call registery of the first who can use their service. I hope that the above information for everyone the same problems as we all are helpful. Kind regards Sue


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